A little of what you fancy does you good

After checking my INBOX I found a number of cheeky little enticing messages wanting me to part with my hard earned pounds. One from anthropologie.....just lovely little items at quite a BIG price....grimmace weep whimper. No....... must not spend silly amounts on cleverly marketed and nicely photographed garments, that quite frankly will not make me suddenly look like a superstar. I did wonder if this particularly little lady taught textiles like my good self, especially as she was wielding a large pair of fabric shears. But I have decided that she looks far too menacing to teach the youth of today and might scare the poor pupils.

My second e-mail was from Joules tempting me with some pastel loveliness. Hmmm dreamy, but once again I will behave and not have a spend.
Finally Hobbycraft invited me along to take part in their competition to win a little cupcake making machine. They cook in 4 minutes apparently which sounds a little too good to be true to me but who am I to question someones design capabilities.
So there we have it buy nice clothes then console yourself for spending too much money by eating cupcakes. Then cry and eat more cupcakes because you can no longer fit into nice clothes. Ahhh the trials of being a woman who loves cake!!
At least this icing kit looks nice, one size fits all too!!

Enjoy the rest of the week. X

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