Giganticus Mothicus n:(new species)

Holy Moley......I am still in recovery from my shock meeting with a LARGE moth like species. YIKES!!!!! To set the scene I am in my work room minding my own business as you do. Working like a trouper to finish two knitted purses for delivery the weekend. Its a warm night in our neck of the woods and so foolishly I left the window open. Lights on.....I am working.....I hear rustling behind the curtain.....I take a peek and see a shadow a la Alfred Hitchcock style........AHHHHHHHH Big winged creature. I shout husband .......he comes running. I have shut the moth in the room. I fill husband in, he is not impressed as he is mid way through a mug of tea. I push him in room and say 'Ill turn the light off ' husband thinks I am an idiot as moth creature will fly at him. I see the winged species has settled on light fitting. I have an idea that I should take a photo.....husband wants me to hurry up. I give him a jar. The moth moves rapidly husband nearly falls off chair. I laugh hysterically. Moth is caught, think it is some weird half butterfly version. I take close up photo through jar. Husband still thinks I am an idiot and so to do probably half our neighbours as we hang out the window and release captive moth/butterfly creature.
Life is never DULL here!


Gina said...

Gosh... it's huge!

Alexandra Mason said...

Thats massive! I had one go down my top the other night...it wasn't that big but big enough, i was very mature and screamed the house down xx