Back to School.......

First day back today and my brain is whirring already, I have come home ready to sort bits and bobs and made my new lunch bag ready for tommorrow. Geeky or what?

I was very lucky to receive kind gifts from my head of dept, a teacup full of roses and rosemary, and some cheeky chocs in a lovely little box. MMMMMMMMM heaven I will be off just now to catch my breath, eat my chocs and sip a nice cup of tea, courtesy of Mr H and the yorkshire tea folk.
The school year starts it feels like 5 mins since I was filling in the last planner, but the summer was a good one. Here is to the teaching year ahead and trying to make a difference for the pupils I teach. I will post my Eastbourne pics soon.




Gina said...

Wishing you a good Autumn term!

Kayla coo said...

I'm back to school too!
lots more doing fine art textiles so I will be busy.
Have a great term.
M x

Jackie said...

You have a very nice head of dept. A starting gift at the beginning of term is a lovely idea, especially such a pretty one.