GIVEAWAY/ The Weekend

Hello all, just wanted to remind you of my GIVEAWAY to celebrate the bloggiversary. Pass it on, post a comment on my last post and I will select a lucky winner by the 30th August, just before I go back to school.

This weekend I received my order from Etsy. Mr H collected my package from the porch I was sooooooo excited to find it was my order from Monda. Thank you thank you for the speedy delivery it is beautiful the colours really sing to me.

My choice was this little fella, hmmm red and blue. Hubba hubba.

Remember me salivating over the anthropologie cardigan? Well it was a whopping £98.00 CRIKEY JEEVES I hear you say! I thought I would try and be a bit thrifty and make my own little version.

From this .....

Ta da............................. The last few evenings I have been embroidering my £12.00 cardigan courtesy of New Look and embellishing it with my bargain bucket 20p Anchor tapestry wools.

Buttons were randomnly selected from the button jar.

I can't wait to wear this when I go back to school. Yipee I might even do another colour now too. Just slightly confused about washing as I have used wool for the embroidery on a machine wash cardigan...HMMMM

The garden has just decided to well, bloom. Ages ago when I went to London on a daytrip with my friend I visited......yep you guessed Cath Kidston in Covent Garden. I felt bad for Mr H as I hadn't got him a treat he is not a BIG Cath kidston fan, but he does LOVE his sunflowers and this is the result.

We wanted quite a chilled out day today, it was good up until the point when I cracked the shower tray AGHHHH only by stepping out the shower I just heard it crack I could not believe it. It was sooooooooo frustrating but can't be helped the plastic tray has been in the house since it was built.
Anyway we did go out and followed a walk from Mr H's Staffordshire walking guide. It was the Wombourne Railway walk. We really enjoyed ourselves and stopped at the old station for apple juice, lemonade and lemon drizzle cake. Luckily I calmed down whilst we walked, we went to my moms for Sunday lunch roast chicken YUM.

Mr H pointed out an odd looking tree, I thought it looked bizarre a bit like a giant bonsai.As we got closer he told me it was actually a mobile phone mast. CLEVER!

I hope you had a lovely weekend and an even more exciting week.
No doubt we will be visiting B&Q the bathroom section this week.
Pass on the giveaway info.
Ciao for now. X


Gina said...

Very smart cardigan! I think you've done a brilliant job.


Thank you Gina X