Back breaking week!

HaLf TeRm
In the Pic and Bloss house.......there was a list. I say WAS because I scribbled it the last day of term and I looked at it then erm totally misplaced it. I know I have not achieved everything this week. I am not sure my brain will realise the fact that the week only has a regular amount of hours in it and does not turn into some Dr Who stylee time warp.
Anyhow I feel pleasantly refreshed in most ways and thought I would write a line or two for fellow blogsters to check out.
So on my list was four unfinished knitting projects.....I completed erm just the one!
But better than none I think??? RIGHT!?

A la slipper pour Elsie.....late Birthday present! Pattern courtesy of Ysolda Teague and her whimsical little knits. I picked it up in Loop when I went to London back in Spring. I did attempt a pair for moi first. I could post a photo with me wearing the single rather LARGE slipper just for laughs but I fear you will all need to seek medical attention later maybe like Uncle Albert in Mary Poppins!!!
Moving swiftly on!
Paradise....... well after 10hours last Sunday and another 12 hours throughout this week the garden is looking somewhat more polished. Slightly dull today after the small downpour, but hey.
Novice veg gardeners we have planted up salad potatoes/carrots/beetroot/peppers/chilli peppers/garlic/tomatoes and courgettes.
Move over Alys Fowler!!
Well we shall see.
CROP UPDATE TO FOLLOW (when it grows)

I painted the shed again and the new bird table which has been home to countless pigeons, magpies grrr, a small unidentified bird oh and a squirrel who pinched the fat balls!

Finally I move on to the new craft on the block! Wet felting ..... two weeks ago myself and Elsie went on a felt course with teh great GILLIAN GLADRAG and we learn't how to mke a seamless bag. OOOOOOOOOOHH I hear you say.....it was much fun and we have swiftly signed up for more fun and felting antics for autumn mmmmmm yum!

Hard at work in Gillian's studio!!
We were rather pleased with our attempts...
So today I have been road testing my new kit and shall be making more felted paraphernalia over the coming weeks and the summer holiday.
My idea didn't go exactly to plan but I am getting to grips with the basics first, better walk before running, and its important to remember to only run when being chased anyhow!!
Meanwhile today Mr H and Ethel have been helping our electricity supplier gain more funds. It has been X-box Sunday here at Pic and Blos headquarters.

Off for a glass of something pink and a nice film to finish off the week I think!
Ciao x

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Kayla coo said...

Love your felted bag.x