Sunday Catch up..............

On Monday i just knew it would be ONE of THOSE WEEKS.

We got up Monday morning to find poor Ethel lying very still, she was very sick and Mr H had to take her to the animal hospital quickly that morning. As you can probably imagine I was a hopeless case. I was so upset, Mr H did me proud though and sorted everything out. It is still hard to know what ws the matter with Ethel but she was very sick and wouldn't drink or eat. It was already bad enough as this Tues she was booked in to have her front incisor teeth removed as she has been suffering with maloclussion where her jaw is not aligned and her front teeth do not wear down. Luckily for Ethel she pulled through and she had her operation. Tues night I was up every few hours feeding her with a syringe making sure she had anough fluids. Poor Ethel!!

You will all be glad to hear that she is doing well. She is currently curled up on my lap whilst the laptop is perched on my knees. Bless.

Luckily this Tues the discounted (Thank you Country Living) Cath order came it cheered me up a little enclosed were some lovely glasses ready for alfresco dining outside this summer.

I was also a lucky lady as I received the cutest packaged sweet treats, good old Elsie left in on my desk at school to cheer me up. Trouble is as soon as I saw it, it imade me think of Ethel and so the other textiles teacher found me crying at my desk. I said it was tough week!! Its funny how attached we are to Ethel ..................life would not be the same without her.
Ethel today resting in her new buny bed and yes for all you hawk eyes out there it is yet another Cath item!! I just could not resist, my mom thinks Ethel is treated like a princess!

So today we have enjoyed the sun's warming rays whilst eating a very delicious salad outside in the garden, I do not make a habit of photographing my lunch but I am particularly proud of the salad leaves which were born and raised in the back garden!!

Alium snapshot it is HUGE!!

The veg patch is slowly coming to life!

Managed to finish the commision for the

two cushions for a colleagues MGA car I hope she like them!!

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Alexandra Mason said...

Glad to hear Ethel is on the mend, she is lovely. Hope you have a better week xx