Recycled horses and Mr Cullum

This week has mostly been about crafting small horses as a leaving present for my house captain at school who has worked really hard all year. Thanks Luci :)

A little horse crafted from a knee high sock!
Obviously he was very hungry.
Thursay evening we went to the Birmingham Symphony Hall to see the fab Mr Cullum, he was amazing. We were very close three rows from the front. Sadly I did not take my camera as I thought that pics would be a no no. I was gutted to find every man and his dog in the audience had a camera. In fact the guy next to me must have had some fab pics as he had a BIG digital camera!! Hey ho I grabbed my small Sony Ericsson and the pics can be seen below. I have only had the phone nearly 2 years and have just managed to upload pics from it. Very exciting for me.
My pics are below. he even came into the audience to perform a little number!!
It has been a busy busy week here in the Pic Blos household. Ethel's pose pretty much sums it all up really. Its a rabbits life!

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