Sod's Law

Murphy's Law......The law of gravity!!... All I know is I'm no longer in charge of what goes on round here. The following post will hopefully explain my absence this week and put you in the picture as to what my week has been like. Maybe ..... just maybe my karma or something has become unbalanced due to those pesky scientists this week messing with atoms or the like.

Anyway this evening started to unravel somewhat whilst I was cooking a delightful evening meal I found myself wrestling with an oxo cube thus having to clean the cooker top! I was having one of those 'shall we go to the chip shop evenings' but no I overcame my tiredness (laziness) and continued cooking. That's when it all went pear shaped, as Sean was putting away the clean cups a cheeky little glass decided to throw itself out the cupboard and smash sending lots of tiny pieces of glass around the kitchen and all over the cooker. After deliberating for a good 5 minutes we decided it best not to eat the contents of the saucepan which was cooking away nicely but to go to the chip shop. Just in case we ended up in casualty.

So what have I learnt today fellow blogger? Well if you have a little voice saying chip shop, chip shop submit straight away and save yourself a lot of bother.

I guess I have been battling with my blogging demons, Oh how right you all were to tell me that balancing, life, work, family, relaxation, healthy living, friends, planning weddings etc etc would be. But I refuse to give in, I my not be a die hard blogger after all......YET! But I will not stop.

Hmmm talking to over.

So here's what I have sort of been up to when I can fit it all in.

1. Wedding planing
2. Working on blog (well reading blogs)
3. Creating clutch bags
4. WIP corsages.....well a nice autumnal looking basket of wool.

Oh and just to clear up any confusion from my last post my long term love is for camper vans and not the pesky seagulls!

Ciao for now.

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Kayla coo said...

oops, good idea the chips!
I think I will have a mad week at school next week as they start some of their textile projects!