Happy Holidays

Hello all fellow bloggers. Thanks again for taking the time to read my words of wisdom'?' I appreciated all your encouragement and comments on my last post thank you.

Finally did the car boot sale BH Monday. Fab fab fab and had money for my little holiday.

Well its Monday again the weeks role round so quickly and I'll be back at school Wednesday I think I am probably more worried than the pupils. But hey....

So just thought I'd take the opportunity to fill you in on what I've been up to over the last week.

HOLIDAY>> Sean's sister and mom have a caravan in Wales so we spent a few days there chilling out, eating, drinking, walking, shopping, siteseeing etc etc.
Here is Welshpool near where we stayed I love the bunting in the street it reminds me of an English village fete, cups of tea and cakes!!! YUM
We visited a number of places whilst we were there and walked up a number of hills!!! Sean actually pushed me up the last one as my legs wouldn't cooperate. I loved the gorgeous scenery as we travelled around and I found number of fab shops. Lily Mo's in Welshpool stocks local crafts peoples work. I was in there a while!! Also found a fab antique shop and stocked up on old bits of antique lace.
Barmouth. I used to love coming here as a kid.

Friendly locals....

I fell in love when I was in Barmouth. Sean understands my long term love affair with these little fella's.


Gorgeous gorgeous!! I don't know what it is about these little campers but I love them, VW Beetles too. So much so we are going to have a baby blue camper as the wedding car next year when we get married. SOOOOOOOOOOO excited, but more about that another time.

I have decided that despite the weather we are very fortunate really to live in such a beautiful country. Sean went here (Dolgoch Falls outside Tywyn) when he was younger and so we paid it a visit. The energy of falls was amazing.

During the evenings I knitted these little corsages, I may try to adapt them slightly as I progress but I didn't think they were too bad for a simple knitter like me.

So today I have been fairly productive, in between running in and out to the washing line hanging out and fetching back in washing that was almost dry then wet again. I am not saying anything GRRRRRRRR.

I have produced this .. the first of a many hopefully as I got a lucky break with a shop in Leicester where the owner has agreed to take some of my work on a sale or return basis. Very excited !!!!!!!!!!

So what do you think. Feedback would be very welcomed. I have hundred ideas buzzing in my head to alter improve the little bag but erm .... well you get the drift. Constructive criticism always appreciated.
Free machine embroidered/appliqued evening/clutch bag.


hens teeth said...

Your corsages and clutch bag are wonderful. The clutch is divine, love the machine embroidery ~ do more, do more x

sooziebee said...

love the clutch bag, it's beautiful


Thanks guys toooooooo kind. I will get busy tomorrow. Pity I have to work and play being grown up.

Jackie said...

I love the embroidery on the clth bag. I'm sure you are on to a winner.

Jackie said...


Kayla coo said...

Love the embroidery.
Hope school is ok.
I'm back tomorrow!
(I help out in all the textile lessons and A'level art)

Gina said...

I love the little bag - the applique and machining are divine! x

Gigibird said...

I would like to mention your love of seagulls.....I hate the not so little buggers as they keep me awake.....and they steal apples from my bird table....

maggik1 said...

Hope tomorrow goes well - I used to dread the first day back. But only for a day! I've passed on an award to you - hope it's not a pain because I've 'lost' it twice and it#s taken me ages to do. I'm rubbish at this!

Elliemac said...

I have only just come across your blog via Margaret at Maggik Moments. Welcome. I, like you find this a bit scary and find it difficult to keep up with blogging. Also hours slip by reading all the great blogs out there. Your blog and bag are great.

maggik1 said...

(Oh, lordie...! You won't believe this but I posted this to myself!!!)

With great difficulty! I think (I tried so many times) I right clicked on the logo (it's the Brilliante' one BTW) and saved it with my photos and then put it in using the dashboard 'add a gadget'? I should have put it in the blog itself as well, I think. I'm finding some things sooo hard but we have to keep trying. Love the clutch bag BTW! Good luck! (Ever thought you were 'cracking up'??)