In the words of Julie Andrews

'I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad'

I love that film. The sound of music, even saw Connie in the stage version early this year. It was very exciting. However I digress again!
As I was busy today sewing away, all happy with myself I had many thoughts. A lot of them quite silly nonsense which pops in your head as your busy. Some thoughts were ideas for more bags and textiles bits and bobs. I started to drift off making mental to do lists and thinking of things to record in my blog.

I decided that it was nice to feel in a happy state and so I thought I would make a visual diary of all the things which make me happy in life........ Enjoy. X

Drawing in my sketchbooks...... In fact just owning sketch books. HENSTEETH Sat shopping list came in very useful.

Shabby chic or my version of it.

Old black and white photos

Wooden hearts/ Cupcakes

Trips to NYC

Party rings Iced biscuits YUM and very low in fat apparently.

Blue and White China

Old teacups and cake stands

Working in my studio/craft room. I was very excited today after completing two more clutch bags in pink a dink. Quite like the lily, photo not so good though sorry.
An Apple Update
Hurrah four fruits from the little apple tree, Im so proud, not sure I have enough for a pie or crumble. Have to think of an alternative. Someone had been sampling the goods already though........ How RUDE !
Enjoy your week whatever your doing :)


Kayla coo said...

I like the bags your making.
The colours work very well together.
Hope you have a better week.
M x
p.s Stitching is good for stress!

hens teeth said...

Enjoyed your post blossom! I'm lovin' your drawings, they are wonderful. I like your fav things too.