Easter Antics and Sophie Dahl

I am just LOVING the Sophie Dahl Series 'Delicious Miss Dahl' I have just spent an hour or so this morning catching up with my viewing of last nights NOSTALGIA episode. I love love love the part where she made the victoria sponge and flapjacks. I watch with awe and amazement and she recalls moments from her past, she lets us know just enough to capture a snapshot in time and then swiftly moves on. Good on her I say too many folk are just TOO nosey and want to know all too much. We are very excited as her newly wed the Amazing Mr Culum Jazz artiste non the less will be making an appearance in Birmingham next month. We can't wait Mr H brought me his newly released album Christmas think I might listen today.

Oh How I adore Sophies kitchen well I think it is her kitchen??? clever TV I guess!, but I am sure I would cope even if it was a TV set kitchen, I am the girl who after all could easily set up home in Laura Ashleys store, room settings.
Well anyway...... The Easter low down....... I hope you all had a happy Easter!!
Lots of these faces were found inthe Uk I am sure!
I once again have packed my 2 weeks holiday with countless tasks which I will no doubt feel demoralised if I do not achieve ........Why oh WHY do I raise the Bar so HIGH???????
(In fact ....Don't we all?)

So my list of To Do's which I hope will result in some Ta Da's !!
* Clean House (CHECK)
*Prepare for mini holiday to Holland
*Take Ethel to Vets (She isn't sick)
*Paint stools aquired from school skip/throw out!!
*Paint Drawer unit and cover with oil cloth
*Make a stash of goodies
*Make Birthday present
*Blog (check)
*School marking/planning
*Take shoes back !!
Unfortunately not these lovely shoes!! I fear I may not get my big feet in them! Maybe I should have had my feet wrapped in tight bandages when I was small?? Unfortunately then my six foot frame would probably end up horizontal hmmmm???? So I must get up now and make a trip to M&S (liking the adverts as ever by the way) as I have made another wrong purchase once again! I am sure my feet grow and shrink in a day!! So I am off now to do just that....and purchase some mini oven proof dishes for my homemade fishpie supper for four. Yes we are having dinner guests how exciting!!

Ciao X


violet ~ creme said...

Hello! First time commenter but had to come out of lurkdom to say how much I'm loving Sophie's show too, despite the barrage of criticism.

It's not her kitchen, sadly, it's a photographer's house (which is currently on the market!) and it's all very much set up for the camera's and quite manipulated but eh, I'm easily bought. It's just lovely and charming.

I've got some screencaps up on my FlickR if you want to gaze!



Jackie said...

Much against my better judgement I too am enjoying the delicious Miss Dahl. I LUUUUURVE the kitchen esp the tiles and wallpaper, and I think once you have accepted its not really a cookery programe, but a magazine/lifestyle show, then there's no need to criticize.
For actual cookery 'how to' give me Delia any day but for the pleasure of viewing, 'DMD' is perfect.

Jackie said...

Oh..I should have read the previous comment first..disappointing.I'd like to think of Sophie and Jamie in that kitchen!


OOHH How disapointing I too envisaged Sophie and Jamie sitting around the beautiful home together. Boo hoo eh, but I am still hooked!!

Thanks for the flickr link Cathy I did have a snoop.