Lazy post

Hence titled as I was too idle to take decent photos and found myself hopping around trying not to cast shadows on aforementioned pics. OH DEAR ME NUFF SAID!

On to some of the Birthday Goodies.........
How excited was I to receive this little HUBBA HUBBA number from the pupil's at school. I am in charge (I know scary) of one of the school's house groups and bless their cotton socks they all chipped in to purchase this mini satchel from the goddess that is Cath Kidston as a big surprise, needless to say there were tears in the office.
Not that they read this.....but the thought is there.

Another new CK product added to the household was this cuter than cute teapot cosy courtesy of my thoughtful brother in law and family.

Thank you.

It is a good job Mr H is so easy going on household things as a lot of men would probably throw a fit if they were surrounded by soo much Cath K! I would like to point out that I do not always get my way......particularly when it comes to holding the TV remote. AHH well you win some........

Ahh now this little bunny friend is someone recently knitted on my Jolly to Wales. Not as cute as the rabbits on Little Cotton Rabbit but he will do ok in the Easter display bowl in the kitchen. Planning ahead and all that.
Finally the sketchbook pages....often sketched at the breakfast table in CK cottage. Quite enjoyed sketching but have decided that drawing skills need further attention.

Have a fun week

Ciao X


Louise said...

Aaaargh! That satchel is gorgeous!!
Such generous pupils!

monda-loves said...

I am starting to think we are twins! I just received a lovely new CK bag - for my birthday, well, I bought it for myself with my birthday money! Your students have great taste - good on them!



Cheers girls!