Half term antics...

Cath Kidston Cottage
Glyn Ceirog
I was very excited to spend 5 days of the half term here.....
It's not really called Cath Kidston Cottage just incase all you die hard CK fans go hunting, I have called it this for weeks as when we were searching on Cottages for You I found this little gem......Mr H didn't really have a leg to stand on did he?!

We visited Horse shoe falls, which we walked to along the tow path in Llangollen.
Chilly brrrrrrrr but beautiful and peaceful.

We met this little chap on the way back..... Cute, our favourite bird.

After lunch we walked up a big hill !!! to Castell Dinas Bran...

It was very cold up there... I will refrain from being a drama queen and say I suffered from altitude sickness as that would be a big fib.

Mr H left a message.
On the way down the sun came out.
Very high!!
We saw Thomas waiting on the tracks back in Llangollen. That was a childhood blast from the past. My brother used to LOVE! that children's programme. He will go mad if he see's this. I shall have to dig out some pic's of us in our Thomas the Tank cardigans/jumpers knitted by my nan.
The next day we went back to Lake Vyrnwy this time to cycle the 12 miles opposed to walk it!!
COLD but FUN is how I would describe the experience.

It took us nearly 2 hours but it didn't help having me stopping ever so often to take pics.

Magical forest, I kept expecting someone out of Narnia to walk by or a character from The Hobbit.

Frost patterns.......

Thursday we travelled along horseshoe pass, a very winding and steep road.

We went to Ruthin Craft centre to see the silver exhibition and 'All tied up' an exhibition of scarfs.

In the afternoon we visited the Pontycysllte Aqueduct it was very high!! It must feel like your floating in the clouds if you travel down along the canal.


Friday we went to Chester.... I made a few cheeky purchases of the fabric type!!
If you look hard you can see it's snowing!

It was a very restful week. In between getting out and about I have been sketching and knitting an Easter Rabbit using a Debbie Birkin pattern I am adapting. CUTE.
Well must dash will try to show you all my sketches and Birthday goodies some time this week ahead. I need to crank myself back up to work mode now....ahh just few hours left of holiday mode though.
Ciao x


Alexandra Mason said...

what a great trip, love all your photos, glad you had a good time! I would like to visit that aqueduct....i think...it does look a bit high though xx

monda-loves said...

It's so bizarre to see the words 'Glyn Ceiriog' in a blog. Bizarre, because this is pretty much where I grew up (my parents still live there). I recognise all your pics as being parts of the familiar landscape I saw every day. When you live there you just take it all for granted so it's nice to see if from someone else's perspective for a change.


Louise said...

ooooh that cottage is lovely!
I visited Chester in November, and it was so gorgeous! it is definitely a place to spend on goodies!
Glad you had a lovely time!

P.s. I have radio envy from your previous post!

Kayla coo said...

It looks a very picturesque place to visit,wonderful dramatic landscapes.
I hope you are well rested for the start of the new term.x